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Dr. Patrick Sinclair Merten

Africa Expert

Then make an appointment now with Patrick Merten for a travel consultation via Zoom (or phone). 
I will gladly take all the time I need for you and advise you in detail in several in-depth meetings and design your extraordinary Africa trip for you.

In this case, I charge a consultation fee of 250€, which I fully credit to your travel price when you book. Thus, my personal travel advice remains free of charge if you book with me.
I thank you for your understanding that expert advice has its price – and your trip the corresponding unique quality.
Phone | Telefon: +49 (0)221 6400054-1


Provisional Bookings

As part of this consultation, I will also be happy to get provisional bookings of all accommodation for you in advance, so that when you book your trip, you can be sure that it will be exactly as we planned and designed it together. If you wish, I can also put together your trip in advance in our own Africa Travel App with detailed day-by-day travel descriptions and all services in detail.


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Our Africa travel booklet prepares you chronologically & step by step for your Africa trip, so that you can relax and look forward to your trip.
You will receive your travel documents with the final payment 40 days before your trip.

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During the trip, I will always be there for you as your contact person – by phone, WhatsApp and email, and via our Africa Trip APP, your digital travel companion.
Phone | Telefon: +49 (0)221 6400054-1
+49 (0)221 6400054-1
+49 (0)176 32140996
Phone | Telefon: +49 (0)221 6400054-1
+49 (0)221 6400054-1
+49 (0)176 32140996

Your way to your individual Africa trip...

with individual adjustments

and our expert knowledge​

Based on your wishes and specifications with my expert consultation (3x 90min Zoom Meetings) and pre-booking of all accommodation.
Our service fee of 250€ will be credited to your booking by 100% on the price of your trip.

Exclusive individual elaboration of
complex Africa tours with my expert consultation e.g.via Zoom and pre-booking of all accommodation.

Our service fee of 500€ will be credited to your booking by 50% on the price of your trip.


"Our South Africa trip was the most beautiful 3 1/2 weeks we have ever experienced! We saw so much and were able to take away unforgettable moments. Patrick Sinclair catered to our every wish and crafted our dream trip. We would book another trip with Sinclair's Africa anytime and absolutely recommend it."

Caroline Mayer
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